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Our Indian rhino bracelet was inspired by Soman and Surat, who were the first rhinos we ever met, and signifies our love for Indian rhinos. Soman and Surat left a lasting impression and encouraged us to help save rhinos. Once your hand has touched rhino slobber, there is no going back. This bracelet is made from 8mm black labradorite and picasso jasper semiprecious stones.

 Profits from this bracelet will benefit the International Rhino Foundation.

There are less than 3,500 Indian rhino (also known as Greater one-horned rhino) left in the wild. According to IRF, about 2,625 are in India’s Kaziranga, Manas, and Orang National Parks; 280 live in Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal; and about 640 remain in Nepal. They are poached for their horn because of a myth that it has a medicinal purpose. Rhino horn is not medicine. It is made from keratin, the same thing as our hair and fingernails.

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